Free $100 Warning

Oddsmaker is an elaborate scam site that pays affiliates well for each new depositing victim sent to their website via online banners and text advertisements. If you happen to receive a free bankroll offer from them in the mail, so as long you don’t have to deposit, there is no harm in entertaining the offer. Please however be advised Oddsmaker has a very long history of stiffing winners, so don’t count on the winnings actually showing up if you do happen to make it through their stringent written (plus made up) rules and requirements. If they require you to deposit in order to cash out, we strongly suggest avoiding the offer all together.

Free Bankroll History

After nearly bankrupting the then largest online poker network Ongame and then actually destroying two additional online poker networks with millions of dollars in player funds lost, the parent company behind Oddsmaker was looking for a fresh start. This company known as Futurebet (later as IGS and now Gametech) was a white label provider of turnkey online gambling sites and also operated a deposit only scam site at With these scams now well known, in late 2006 Oddsmaker sold of their whitelabel skins to the group who cherry picked which accounts they kept and which accounts they pretended to have no knowledge of.

Using the proceeds of the sale to the group, Futurebet created the website now operating as and began a massive marketing campaign. This marketing campaign is probably similar to the one you just received in the mail if you’re reading this offer.

Marketing Campaign Example

The free bankroll offers are generally received via postal mail and are packaged with a welcome letter, testimonials, guarantees from fake watchdog sites, and check such as the one in the image below.

The offer is generally a $100 free bankroll with some insane conditions. The first is you’re not allowed to make any parlay and teaser wagers and this fact happens to be buried deep in the fine print as a “gotchya rule”. The intention of not making it clear is so can void winnings of anyone meeting their excessive requirements. These requirements state you must make at least $1,000 in wagers and reach a bankroll of $1500 to cash out. The next kicker is that only the amount over $1500 is withdrawal, and the max withdrawal is $1,000.

To restate this in simple English, start with $100 and if you reach a balance of $2500, while having wagered at least $1,000 and having bet no parlays and teasers, you’ll be able to withdrawal $1,000.

Of course only a very tiny percentage of players ever meet these requirements before going bust. For those who do, has a final back up plan. This is because the $100 free exclusive offer also includes the term “General Terms and Conditions will also apply.”. Inside their general terms and conditions you’ll find all sorts of ways for to justify a theft. One of their terms reads:” Bonus programs are intended for recreational bettors only. Professional players or players considered to be abusing the bonus system by any means may have bonuses revoked and be subject to further sanctions, at the discretion of management. “

Please understand the free bankroll offer is not of similar nature to the bonuses discussed at In almost all cases where someone meets the crazy terms and conditions of the $100 free bankroll offer, comes back with a reason to either disqualify them or void their winnings. The claim of professional play, or just lies that you already had an account, or your IP matches that of another account holder will almost always follow. Please understand for all intents and purposes this bonus offer is a scam.

The Reason Oddsmaker Runs this Scam

Considering most players will bust their account before reaching $2500.00, Oddsmaker is now equipped with a market list of players that already have an account, and are familiar with the betting system. From here someone will call and speak to them on the phone, or email them, offering a second chance bonus. These are generally very impressive bonus offers such as 100% up to $500, 100% up to $1,000 or even in some cases 100% up to $2,500 bonuses. Please understand if you send any money depositing to this site you’re placing yourself in a no win situation.

The oddsmaker terms and conditions allow them at their sole discretion and without any means for appeal to decide who is guilty of professional play. If they decide you’re guilty (which they do for most anyone deciding to withdrawal winnings) they will either confiscate your entire account balance, or void all your winnings and return your initial deposit. So it ends up a situation where you can either lose your deposit, or maybe it get it refunded. Only on very rare occasions does this elaborate scam site actually pay winners.